What to watch On Demand this summer in 5 minutes

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What to watch On Demand this summer in 5 minutes

There are dozens of things to watch On Demand this summer, and new titles coming up pretty fast. We had a great dilemma on what to recommend to our respected customers. We are mixing a bit of drama with a fresh new project coming from a highly controversial comedian – all “happening” in America. Just sit back and relax!

Who Is America

Sacha Baron Cohen once again goes undercover to catch out unaware subjects. He returns to our screens in a typical Borat reboot, and it’s wilder than ever!  This Channel 4 and Showtime supported project was filmed for over a year in America, in total secrecy. What we might expect is a series of surprises, scandals, and danger. So, who`s telling “Who is America?” Baron Cohen is targeting good ole targets of full political and cultural spectrum, having people say disgusting things in public without any shame or second thoughts.

This world has become so wrong, with only a few extremes left that can make us truly shocked. Otherwise, what would you think of his “Colonel Erran Morad” (an anti-terror specialist) getting genuine support from the chief of Gun Owners of America in recording a video that promotes guns for children?  This is a chilling reminder of the horrifying reality that really hits you hard.

Cohen is about to reveal the violent, misanthropic and evil heart of America, once again. The thing is, this is the face of almost every country of today’s, modern society. And in America, most Republicans wear it on their sleeves. And that is the sole mastery of every one of Cohen’s projects – he is not trying to change anything, just putting a giant mirror for everybody to look at themselves once again. Until now, there is a couple of episodes left, including one with Sarah Palin. Oh boy, would she blame it all on that dreadful, liberal Hollywood? We will see.

Remember The Good Wife? Then you will love The Good Fight!

It is a sort of sequel to an amazing show featuring all-star cast like Julianna Margulies, Josh Charles, Christine Baranski, Matt Czuchry, and featuring Chris Noth in a recurring role. And having a fantastic and assured first run, it continues to dismantle legal wrangling of Chicago`s broader political landscape. If you are a fan of The Good Wife, you will see where a rock-solid Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) would continue in building a place for her, climbing the power ladders.

The Good Fight has just an unbelievable storyline. And if this is taken before 2016, many of its storylines might have been rejected as too much for a serious series. Just look at the plot: A certain “peepee tape” is discovered in a certain Russian hotel and subsequently buried. So by this year’s finale, we might find more about a mysterious porn star Stormy, and her role in a high political power play.


One of its highlight topics must have been how to argue with people who lie as they speak and have no regard or belief in truth or facts. We can see Julius and Adrian, the top dogs at Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart, getting into a room with Chicago ‘officials to decide how to spend $10m on combating the Kill All Lawyers movement. So we are having a Trump-appointed federal judge, a rightwing TV journalist, and a sticky NRA lobbyist. This kind of situation is when all the gloves are coming off, and morality and ethics are spontaneously jumping through the window.  Everything is about getting the right tactics and a great chance for idiots to win its game. The lawyers might need to cheat in order to turn things their way.

Stay tuned, things are getting hotter by the day.


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