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X Factor VS Strictly Come Dancing

The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing have not only become part of many Brits’ winter weekend viewing, they also mark the lead up to the festive season, and of course that all-important ‘ battle’ as the two shows that clash on Saturday night primetime, competing for viewings!

And with its star studded judging panel, ‘A’ list guest acts along with some of the hottest new talent in the country it’s easy to see why! Equally, the glitz, glamour and sex appeal of Strictly have resulted in the reality TV show also becoming one of the most watched on UK TV!

The media hype surrounding the two competitors adds to the viewing appeal, leaving many expats who relocate abroad desperately searching for a way of keeping up with their favourite programme from their new home in the sun!

These contest formats have had remarkable longevity, but eventually, as everything it is going to tail off. Since the X factor launch, audiences had become overexposed to such shows, so it is becoming less interesting. It is indeed overwhelming that everybody commissions nearly the same stuff that soon reaches a tipping point.

What really helps, it’s the wide audiences, from 7 to 77 (and more) years of age.

While 2016 Strictly was the most popular yet, consistently beating the X Factor in the ratings battle, it was boosted in part by the presence of well-loved contestants such as former shadow chancellor Ed Balls, who became a national talking point. The show continued to attract more audiences following last year`s trend and in 2017.

The Battle of the Reality Shows – The X Factor vs. Strictly

Strictly has been on the top of the game mostly thanks to the celebrities they get and their new stage persona – a complete opposite of the people we know from somewhere else. A very cleaver thing some might say. And big ratings bring big money and – tabloids! Reportedly Strictly failed to sign big names for Strictly because of a so-called “curse” on contestants’ relationships. If we step out of the supernatural, there is a lot of time, emotion and money involved so any kind of human behaviour counts.

We (as watchers) were amazed by the outstanding ability of dancers, and they definitely didn’t disappoint in the Grand Final. We saw three spectacular performances, including their cheeky Charleston to ‘Rag Time Band’, a show dance to ‘You Make My Dreams Come True’, and the Judges’ pick: their Movie Week Viennese Waltz to ‘Somewhere my Love’.Being sad another year is over, we couldn’t be happier for the triumphant couple. This year winner Joe McFadden has worked so hard and showed a great talent, truly embodying the spirit of Strictly.


On the other side, Rak-Su has been crowned the 2017 winner of The X Factor. These four lads from Watford beat their co finalist Grace Davies, hitting the festive charts with debut single, Dimelo, a duet with Wyclef Jean and Naughty Boy.

Rak-Su, who were mentored by Simon Cowell, took part in a group hug as Dermot O’Leary revealed the news. The band, overwhelmed with emotion, still managed to thank the fans and family.

We are seeing some shift in the show concept, since two finalists had both shaken up the competition by performing original songs regularly throughout the audition process and the live shows.

Rak-Su dueted with Grammy-award winning rapper Wyclef Jean and Naughty Boy, performing their original track Dimelo. Singer Grace Davies sung with BRIT Award winner Paloma Faith, performing Grace’s original song, Roots. Rak-Su were favourites to win throughout the series, and it is clear that X factor appeals to young people trying to support young aspiring artists.

Expat alert!

For some time, we were offering UK TV to expats living around the globe a chance to watch live or to catch-up both shows, giving them a fair share of glitz and glamour with just a pinch of homeland. If you are a fan of both shows, we got you covered. Don’t hesitate to join the ride this year too – we`ll be spot on, as always.

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