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Talk Talk Talk Daytime TV


Since we had a glimpse of what is happening at the Oscars 2018, here is another “mystery” waiting to be solved.

What is Daytime television and why it is so talking and emotionally obsessed? Seriously, this is a separate television genre which features television programming traditionally produced and scheduled to air between the hours of 9 am and 8 pm. Shows aired within this period usually begin after the end of morning show-type programming and ends when local news and the early fringe of primetime begins. This kind of television is broadcasted before the watershed period, and therefore is subject to censorship.

This so-called “daytime television” typically airs during weekdays because weekend programming is often much more of a different kind. Daytime television includes any TV shows produced for and aired between 9 am and 8 pm on weekdays. This programming is usually directed towards stay at home parents and older, retired people, who are more often, home during the day. Daytime TV often includes game shows, soap operas, and talk shows.


Want to talk? OK


It is almost certain that if you turn the TV on during the day, you will hear a lot of talks. There are bulks of different commentary, views, polemics, judgments, advice and how to and how not to. Alongside this, there is a lot of stuff being sold and a lot of food to be cooked.

This is the right time to see any product, promotion, to think about changing your shampoo while thinking about hunger in Africa. Daytime TV is a strange mix of selling, advocating, presenting, and a whole marketplace world.

There are several top daytime television shows listings from the most popular TV channels including shows like “The View,” “Days of our Lives,” “Ellen”, but we would like to focus on a new BBC daytime achievement. It is called Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators, a ten-part drama from BBC Studios, created by Paul Matthew Thompson and Jude Tindall. A story about Frank Hathaway (Benton), a hardboiled private investigator, and his rookie partner Lu Shakespeare (Joyner) – an odd partnership investigating the secrets of rural Warwickshire’s residents.


Old concepts and fresh approach


Oh, wait, you might ask if this is another Midsomer Murders reboot. Well yes, we have the picturesque charm, a hotbed of mystery and intrigue but intersections of extramarital affairs, celebrity stalkers, missing police informants, care home saboteurs, rural rednecks, and murderous magicians, embezzling accountants and abducted au pairs, blackmail, comp claims and custody cases, all-night stake-outs and professional hits are passing way above the mentioned classic. This odd couple of detectives is ready to put the world to rights as they snoop and pry. A little bit of Sherlock Holmes and Moonlighting on an English countryside.

The BBC One Daytime officials say their audience love to escape into a good story and this new series is full of mystery and charm. Head of BBC Daytime Drama said: “Shakespeare & Hathaway is a modern private eye crime drama set in Iconic Stratford-upon-Avon and leafy Warwickshire, playing upon Shakespearean themes with warm witty characters and compelling plotlines.”


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