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Satellite reception feels the heat


Now, you can find yourself in this situation sunshine, good food, good beer and music. Having everything to get the envy of your friends back home. And still, when it comes to watching sitcoms and International TV programs, things are getting bit complicated.

Everyone needs a few relaxing moments in front of their TV. There are a lot of ways of watching TV shows online and countless websites that you can find through a quick Google search. But when it comes to quality, things are a bit different.

Expats in hotter areas of Europe are now finding the BBC & ITV harder to receive, as satellite reception approaches its low point of the year.
High temperatures lead to an increase digital noise in reception equipment, with more ‘no signal’ periods during the day, typically evenings. Added to this, an annual dip in strength over the summer can mean the UK beam signal drops below a reliable threshold, resulting in an annoying blocking and sound interference.
For many, the cure for this is not easy to achieve.
A bigger dish always helps, as does a better LNB (Low Noise Block- at the business end of the dish arms). LNBs get fried in hot countries. Cheaper models typically fail after 4-5 years. Most Sky and Freesat receivers now are quite sensitive in fringe areas of Europe. Cables are not usually a problem unless they have perished on a hot roof or have been eaten by rats (it happens). Often a dish is not pointed accurately, or its mounting has slipped in high winds.


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Trees or foliage in the signal path (very common), dishes surrounded by many hot buildings, a failing receiver (typically a tuner module or power supply), a second, but faulty, receiver connected to a quad or twin LNB, incorrect skew (rotation of LNB), heavy rain or very humid weather, poorly-fitting F-connector plugs and/or partial cable short-circuits, spiders inside the feed horn of prime focus (circular) dishes, overall bad installation/cheap components (also very common). In spite of all improvements, majority of countries is unable to receive broadcasts even on much larger dishes. Because of the vast UK expat community in Europe, and its own popularity, many channels screen English and American television series, as well as movies from around the world. But, as you will notice, they are usually dubbed. However, viewers have the option to watch movies and series in the original language by changing the language in the television menu. If you miss watching your favorite TV shows there are many ways of watching International TV channels online.

Some unique and simple systems connect your TV to the internet and, when correctly configured, allow you to watch the BBC and other British channels throughout Europe and beyond. With using good and verified IPTV boxes like MAG 256 you can watch channels from the UK, Ireland, USA, France, Italy, Netherlands and Germany. Finding the free but quality streaming has become even a greater issue, due to legal issues and a constant change in those platforms. Having all that in mind, Celtic TV Services tailored subscriptions packages for all kinds of customers’ needs. Using a custom platform which is both effective and reliable, we are (happy to say) among the best subscription IPTV providers.  IPTV Celtic TV Box works anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection and a TV.

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