Ronaldo or Messi – who`s having the better World Cup?

Ronaldo or Messi – who`s having the better World Cup?

Ronaldo or Messi – who`s having the better World Cup?

Ronaldo or Messi – who`s having the better World Cup?

Let’s cut to the chase right now. Ronaldo tore Spain apart while Lionel Messi missed the 24th penalty of his career. There will always be an argument about whether Messi is the best player of all time, sorry Pele and Maradona, but he`s got a bigger battle to win this time. What did we just witness on the 21st of June at the 2018 World Cup? Did the small European country national team just blow to pieces one of the best prepared national team led by one of the greatest footballers alive? Seems to be the case, but everybody is asking – why? A good and well-prepared team, along with one of the most brilliant forwards the world has ever seen was bound to create another triumph for Argentina.

We saw earlier what another football genius created for his national team, hitting a hat-trick with Spain for the final score of 3:3. And that one created the whole new round of questions and comparisons between the two.

And yes, we`ve heard the commentary that a nation like Portugal shouldn’t be winning Euro 2016, all due respect of course. Many had the impression that Spain completely outclassed Portugal on the pitch in terms of style and approach, but that wasn’t nearly enough. They opened to a whole new experience – Cristiano Ronaldo meeting eternal adoration. It’s hard to write Portugal off, too. They were laughed at as they seamlessly progressed through the last major tournament – until they won it.

Surprise me not

We shouldn’t be surprised. Cristiano Ronaldo is a kind of a player who can completely change the course of the game. The greatest difference between him and Messi could be the one that people speak about in 50 years’ time. Some might ask: Remember the 2018 World Cup? Argentina had the strongest squad they’ve had in over 20 years, while Portugal had ten farmers and a self-proclaimed football God. Jokes aside, Ronaldo’s in far better position to make a run at edging out his rival.

The everlasting debate that winning a World Cup is what makes you the greatest of all-time still remains, though Messi has already shown his mastery. It`s no secret that he has outperformed Ronaldo consistently in the World Cup; still waiting for the major trophy of the World Cup with Argentina.

Ronaldo scored just three goals in all of his World Cup appearances, over the course of 12 years. But he was instrumental in Portugal’s most recent Euro 2016 win, while Messi has faced multiple heartbreaks with Argentina. He reached four finals with Argentina and never won, briefly retired from the national team in 2016 after the loss to Chile. Thanks to the fans he was soon back on the track.

What can be said at the end, knowing all footballing debates contain painful amounts of subjectivity attached?

Their talent can’t be stopped, and maybe this is the point where we can put down all stats and enjoy the show. This is the celebration of football, talent, and national pride. Let’s just enjoy the biggest sporting competition on the planet; we are sure the next big surprise is just around the corner!

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