Nvidia Shield

Nvidia Shield

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1st Years Premium Maintenance Service & 1 Years Nord VPN Service included
  • Android 7.1 OS
  • Supports Kodi ver 18.0
  • NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor, 256-core Maxwell GPU, 3GB RAM
  • Amazing Auto-updating service to save you hours of messing about to keep things running smoothly & always stay up to date for any new software upgrades
  • NVIDIA’S own custom firmware used to optimise speeds & performance for Gaming
  • BUILT IN VPN support for future proofing against ISP’s blocks without the need for a secondary VPN Router which works out more expensive than MAG Box + VPN Router
  • This NEW Box also Works the same as our MAG boxes, Android Tablets, With VPN router all in one setup which allows you to use 100,000’s of Thousands of Apps on Google Play Store the same as your Android KODI Smart TV Boxes & Android Smart Phones & Tablets etc..
  • Constant video & Audio codec updates and patches which prevent audio and video glitches



Hello All

Here at CTV we are trying a little “Ground Test” for a BRAND-NEW multi-purpose future proof box that is now on the market.

Introducing the new NVIDIA SHIELD Android Set Top Box. NVIDIA is currently the leading company in creating computer processors and graphics card processors for high end gaming consoles & PC’s & Laptops and now they have now brought their skills to the Android box market.

This new box is running a super powerful NVIDIA Tegra X1 CPU processor, a 256-core Maxwell GPU and is packing a whopping 3GB of RAM. This makes the box suitable to run almost any game or app on the market. NVIDIA also provides constant video & audio codec updates and patches to ensure there is no graphical or audible glitches while you are enjoying your favourite movies & TV shows. VPN support is built into these boxes, so you will not have to worry about having to purchase an expensive VPN router in the future which will be required by all good IPTV Service Providers.

This box can work as one of our dedicated MAG boxes, Android KODI Smart TV box, a PC / Laptop computer and a also most important a VPN router all in one amazing stand alone unit

Nvidia Shield TV 4K UHD Entertainment Gaming Console

The Android-powered 4K box means you that you can not only stream PC games in 4K to your TV — Get 4k content from Netflix and 100 other apps.

SMARTER STREAMER. SMARTER HOME. Your house will never be the same.

Control every experience with just the sound of your voice.

Shuffle your favorite playlist, dim your lights, or stream Netflix to your TV.

Your voice is the new remote. MEET YOUR GOOGLE ASSISTANT.

Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It’s your own personal Google, always ready to help. Discover new entertainment, view your Google Photo collection in 4K, and control your smart home.

Endless possibilities, all powered by your voice. Add smartness to your home with the SmartThings Link. Wirelessly connect hundreds of compatible smart devices, letting them all work together with the simplest of voice commands.

Google Assistant NEVER LOOKED BETTER Say what you want and see what you say. The same Google Assistant available on Android phones, iPhones, speakers and more will now provide visually enhanced answers on your TV.

Ask for the weather and see a 10-day forecast. Ask about your local sports team and see live game results. Ask about an actor and see their movies and photos in one place. When voice combines with visuals, you get the best Google Assistant experience in your living room.

ENTERTAINMENT Get all the movies, TV shows, music, and games you’ll ever need. Visually stunning 4K HDR video. The only platform with voice search and 360-degree viewing in YouTube.

Exclusive NVIDIA-powered gaming, on demand from the cloud or cast from your PC to your TV. Want to cut the cord?

Watch live TV and sports with apps like Sling TV and PlayStation Vue, or get free over-the-air broadcasts in HD. And now, Google’s revolutionary voice search lets you easily find entertainment and price-compare across your favorite apps.

Limited Stock can setup and Demo. Includes 1000s of apps including Plex server. This Box is the best in its class unlike others out there