Manchester United Warmed Up for New Season by Facing James Corden and 100 Children

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Manchester United Warmed Up for New Season by Facing James Corden and 100 Children

Hope you didn’t miss James Corden on The Late Late Show who had his LLS Football Club (LLSFC) playing with Manchester United in Los Angeles. This was surely a game of quality versus quantity because Man United was only represented by Coach José Mourinho and players Ander Herrera, Juan Mata and Chris Smalling, while Corden’s LLSFC consisted of 100 children. That’s the weight equivalent of “40 adults” not counting James Corden himself, who put himself in the game halfway through by benching one very disappointed player.

Manchester United is one of the most celebrated football teams in the world, but the Old Trafford based club recently faced a fresh new challenge – to beat 100 children and one chubby show host.

The game was a total mess (but a cute one) to watch – as you’d imagine. Kids were swarming around the fully grown Man United players, who somehow managed to sneak two goals past all eight of Corden’s tiny goalkeepers and secure themselves the mathematically improbable victory.

Calling all Cards (Cordens)

Corden explained in the video he posted online that José Mourinho called him like, ‘A.C. Milan, Real Madrid, Liverpool—none of these teams are going to give me a real test,’. So he said he`ll see what he can do. Later as the story evolved, Mourinho said he’s never heard of Corden before, and they certainly never spoke on the phone.

The kids managed to defend their goal (and with 10 goalkeepers) for a while but United manages to break kids defense and score two goals. “I’m afraid of hurting the kids, but I’m not afraid to hurt James,” Herrera says. Corden and Mourinho sub in midway through the game. LLSFC ties it up, but Man U pulls out a dramatic 2-1 win on a bicycle kick from Mata.

No doubt the LLSFC players are young and hungry, and have a bright future ahead! On the other hand, we`ll see how things will turn out for Manchester United and their coach. This was a hell of a prep game, no doubt about it!

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