Finding your favorite SPORTS package in two steps

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Finding your favorite SPORTS package in two steps

Maybe you’ve been wondering which Celtic TV Services package is the best for watching the World Cup or Wimbledon.

We are recommending our Gold Package for ONLY

€30.00 per month or €300.00 for an annual subscription!

The channel list for this package is just amazing. And YES, we are constantly updating our list, so now we have a whopping 326 channels, covering even the most peculiar wishes of our respected customers.

Our longtime experience taught us that no matter what subscription you choose, it needs to have a little bit of everything – Entertainment, Daytime TV, News and much more. But one thing is mandatory – it has to have ALL major SPORTS channels, so no one should miss a big sporting event such as Olympics, World Cup, Wimbledon our Formula 1. That is why we included over 100 sports channels alone in our Gold Package, many of which are in Glorious Full HD resolution.

If you had to miss some of your favorite shows or LIVE events, there is always an option for a 14 Day Catch-up Feature on most channels. Maybe you`ve just missed the beginning – no problem, just use our Time shift function. If the program you want to watch has started you can rewind back to the very beginning!

So, the first step would be to SUBSCRIBE

And, what would be the second step?

Well, this is the part where you just sit and enjoy thousands of movies and box sets the Gold Package is offering. Of course, for any additional step or specific situation, we are offering customer support -24/7. Our movies suit all ages and tastes, from blockbusters to classics, including musicals, comedy, kids, action & adventure, crime, horror, drama, sci-fi, fantasy and more.

This is the one opportunity to never miss any of upcoming sporting events, while enjoying the whole host of TV shows and box sets. Just one of the perks of being a Celtic TV Services subscriber.

Gold Package, as well as all Celtic TV Services packages offer many UK and Irish Radio Stations including all BBC Local Radio Stations and have a cool Karaoke feature. Your family and friends could have a blast turning your living room into karaoke party central! It’s never been easier, because we offer great choice of songs, contemporary and classics.

We are offering good time and the best of service, and now a 7 DAY money back guarantee for all our new subscribers.

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