MAG 322 and MAG 410 IPTV Set Top Box

Watching Internet TV just got easier with the Celtic TV Services MAG 322 and MAG 410 IPTV Set Top Box! The MAG 322 replaces the MAG 254 – it is a new improved version using AMD rather than STM chipset – and the price is identical! The MAG 322 and MAG 410 are the latest upgraded replacement for the MAG Box Technology, sporting a much faster processor (MIPS 4KE Dual Core CPU 750 MHz), a memory capacity of 512 MB, the very latest Video playback technology and the facility to play 3D TV.

Enjoy the Celtic TV Services package of your choice direct to your TV, and have the convenience of our comprehensive remote control which controls every function of your TV for your ultimate viewing pleasure. The remote can also be programmed to perform the basic functions like switching on and off, volume control, video source etc. of your TV. All this for only €165 including shipping to anywhere in the EU! Enjoy the many advanced features that our Celtic TV Services Set-Top Box decoder offers. Click HERE to order your Celtic TV Services MAG 322 and MAG 410 today if you are resident in the EU or HERE if you live outside of the EU!

A lot of people are no longer consuming TV through traditional methods and this is where the MAG 410 comes into its own. It supports both wired and wireless internet setups, the simple interface and good performance give a great user experience and it is capable of displaying 4K UHD picture. Celtic TV Services gives it a full recommendation and guaranty of its quality and performance. Subscribe NOW!

New Android APP is here!

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Have you thought about it? You don`t have to install multiple apps to watch Live TV, live sports, and movies. Our new android app does all of that and much more. You can watch movies; use different sections for watching sports, box sets, and kids’ channels. Be sure to follow the instructions in the app so you can get the best out of Celtic TV Services.

What’s on offer with Celtic TV Services?

It is much more than TV! Our packages include:

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